Pantea Dunn

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

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Strategies for Parenting with Ease

6 week sessions starting soon.

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Common areas that I can help address include but are not limited to:

  • prenatal readiness for when baby arrives: what to expect and what to have prepared, in addition to preparing to be the parent you want to be
  • your newborn and what to expect
  • establishing and maintaining a routine
  • behavioral issues
    ~not listening
    ~temper tantrums
    ~limit setting and consistency
  • sleep issues
  • positive discipline
    ~limit setting and consistency
  • potty training
  • Working with children of all ages and stages. 
  • Helping provide a skill set for parents to utilize throughout the years, not just for one stage of life

Goals of coaching would include:

  • helping you to improve consistency, organization and structure
  • revealing discipline techniques that work and helping you discipline effectively
  • encouraging and helping you improve communication and your relationship with your child
  • supporting you to achieve your goals

Advice provided by My Parent Partner is not intended to replace regular medical exams by your primary care provider/pediatrician.