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PCI Certified Parent Coach®

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Strategies for Parenting with Ease

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You have the distinct pleasure of being a parent and the honor of being a family. Raising a family is one of the most exciting and trying adventures life has to offer. When you decided to bring your child into this world, you made the ultimate commitment. Becoming a parent is simultaneously the most beautiful and transformational moment in one’s life. In that moment your focus is forever shifted to the selfless pursuit of establishing a family and providing stability, fulfillment, tranquility and happiness. Though instinctive, this aspiration is a difficult and far too often painstaking task.

Parenting is much harder than the Cleavers, the Huxtables or the Tanners ever made it out to be. In addition to requiring your constant effort, the goal of a healthy, vivacious home life demands humility, empathy and discretion. There are no shortcuts, CliffsNotes® or magic wands to help you in your endeavor, and with the ever-increasing pace of life, it has become exceedingly difficult to be the superheroes that we so desperately want to be.
Family is the most precious commodity we have in today’s ever-changing world. The sweet smells of your newborn, the fantastic giggles of your toddler, the heart-melting and sincere affection of your child and the profound belief that they will be extraordinary are the driving forces to be the parents that we strive to be. Parents are working harder than ever to create a life for their family. We just want what is best for our children, but getting there is often a beautiful and tumultuous journey.

As a wife, mother of two, pediatric nurse practitioner and a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, I have the unique ability to understand the many facets of parenting and raising a healthy family. I have first-hand experience with what a new mother goes through. I know the guilt and difficulty of disciplining my children. I have seen the deceptively adorable smile, heard the comical fake cry, and questioned the unmistakable suspicious silence. Having dealt with these and many other issues, my goal is to provide a personalized and highly effective overall perspective to solving the everyday challenges of parenting. Family life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we need a little extra help. I am your concierge, I am your coach, and I am your secret weapon. The experience of parenting can be overwhelming, but together we can design a parenting style that works for your family.

My mission and ultimate goal is to empower and provide the necessary tools for the  development of long-term strategies for consistent, positive results for you and your family. At “My Parent Partner,” I merge professional expertise with on-the-job experience to serve you. As a pediatric nurse practitioner for almost a decade, I worked exclusively with children and parents dealing with the daily challenges that most parents face. In addition to helping diagnose the ailments of children, I addressed the emotional needs of both children and their families. I have long been passionate about helping parents believe in themselves and their ability to do the best for their child. It is such an amazing thing to watch and help parents through this journey and to see such positive outcomes in the lives of their entire family. I truly have felt honored to be allowed into the lives of the families I worked with and help them be the best that they could be. I bring the same caring philosophy that addresses the needs of parents and children to my role here at “My Parent Partner.”

The power to create a more cohesive and harmonious family is at your fingertips. If you are ready to embark on this journey to obtain the family you have always envisioned and dreamt of, please contact me for your complimentary consultation.

My background and interests include:

  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing, from the University of San Francisco
  • Master of Science (with honors), Nursing, from California State University, Long Beach; certificate as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • PCI Certified Parent Coach®
  • I have been privileged to work as an NP in a private pediatric practice in the Roseville, CA, area for nearly a decade.
  • In addition to working as a pediatric nurse practitioner, I previously had the honor of working in the pediatric intensive care unit at a level-one trauma center for over 5 years.
  • avid long distance runner
  • coach for Mama Bootcamp
  • presently training and coaching Mama Bootcamp team for sprint and Olympic distance triathlons